“Now we will count to twelve and we will all keep still for once on the face of the earth,
let’s not speak in any language;
let’s stop for a second, and not move our arms so much.
It would be an exotic moment without rush, without engines;
we would all be together in a sudden strangeness. …”
Keeping Quiet — by Pablo Neruda
Soon we’ll count up to twelve and we will all keep still in Silence Contact Retreat in Italy. In these precarious times it will for sure be an exotic moment where we will not only continue witnessing our own inner movements, but also witness each other in movement… and even take the witnessing further than seeing into touching… keep our dance moving in contact… And why not explore “doing nothing” and “dancing”, and the transition between the two states? Perhaps, in silence, we will be confused. There will be sudden strangeness… And yet we will be holding it together! And hopefully our confusions will interrupt our habits and help us find new pathways in our encounters in and around the dance spaces. Looking forwards to moving together in that curious and strange transitive line between living and dancing in silence, without rush, without engines!

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22 June – 1 July 2021

Monterosi, Arezzo, Tuscany

31 August – 9 September 2021

Monterosi, Arezzo, Tuscany

29 October – 2 November 2021

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Friuli



CONTACT SILENCE retreats is a social promotion project of LIBERA MENTE APS association

We firmly believe that contact improvisation holds great potential on a social and communicative level and carries within it an unequivocal educational message. In addition to being the vanguard of the natural and authentic movement, it teaches respect for one’s body and the other, nourishing the fundamental need of the human being to physical contact, gives joy and well-being to those who practice it, reconnects man to his creativity and the primordial dimension of the game.