CI AND PLAYFULNESS – Anthony Trahair

Of all the different things I have done in my life so far Contact has probably ignited my playfulness more than anything else. There is just something inherently playful for me about rolling around, climbing on and entering in communication about CI.
Playfulness has a lot to do with freedom, freedom from the more boring parts of us!!
Sometimes however CI can take a rather serious tone to it, playfulness unfortunately isn’t considered a “professional” quality to many. That’s why I’m writing this post. To remind us that ultimately we just want to play and that play isn’t something that comes after “work” but is something that which makes our work more enjoyable and rewarding and let me say… innovative and original. Sounds like we could apply this to everything right? Right but let’s go back to Contact.
Since contact has an inherent potential for playfulness it would be a pity to ignore this in my opinion.
Contact, even though bares “contact” in it’s name is a great container for our whole selves to show up. To be in “contact” we need to be able to relate to others in a open way without touching too. Our exchanges can be very intense. The space becomes another partner, our senses becomes heightened.
It is this “touchless” contemplative and playful explorations I wish to offer in the sessions between the 5th and 9th of September at Anghiari.
What makes CI playful for you?



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Tomo Haru


Here is Tomokombu at work, he will accompany us in the evening jams of the first round of the retreat. We remind you that the

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6 – 10  April 2023

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Udine

31 Agosto – 4 Settembre 2023

Monterosi, Anghiari, Arezzo

29 October – 2 November 2023

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Udine


CONTACT SILENCE retreats is a social promotion project of LIBERA MENTE APS association

We firmly believe that contact improvisation holds great potential on a social and communicative level and carries within it an unequivocal educational message. In addition to being the vanguard of the natural and authentic movement, it teaches respect for one’s body and the other, nourishing the fundamental need of the human being to physical contact, gives joy and well-being to those who practice it, reconnects man to his creativity and the primordial dimension of the game.