What I have learned in the last 15 years of my life, thanks to Contact Improvisation and Meditation practices, seem to be the gem that serve me to survive today — these precarious contemporary times.
What I can coin from the embodiment of these philosophies for my humble survival is primarily “staying with the trouble” …
… trusting the unknown
… trusting the ground
… trusting the space
… trusting my center
… trusting my senses
… trusting my imagination
… trusting my memory …
… and then letting go of all that trusting!
Surrendering to the “suffering”, more so enjoying the suffering. Orienting in the disorientation. Passing through Earth… Crossing Time and Space… and Bodies!?
Yesterday, when dance was not allowed to be shared between bodies in the same physical space, I held my “small dance”! My suspended body found safety in gravity’s holding… My sensations could only resonate with the memories of other bodies… My skin could only imagine the warmth, depth and invitation of a variety of touch… Many questions danced in my bodymind… I listened to the silences in between.
Today, when there is a little opening in front of us —the borders of beloved Italy are now permeable— I still listen to the silence. I hang in the gap. I feel gravity through me, I feel my heart getting bigger and bigger… My big heart within my small dance is beating fast! I listen to it’s wings flapping… Waiting for the little opening to widen so that I can roll out of my pupa and fly over one of your shoulders soon! Maybe?!
I am patient… yet excited! Imagining the future… Imagining learning what Contact is, learning what Improvisation is… learning what Silence is about to tell us then and there… Beginning anew… as we re-find and refine our collective space and troublesome encounters… Joyfully serious, seriously joyful,

Living the void – Elisa Ghion

Verbal exchange shapes our dialogical relationship, giving shape to the silences that intersperse words. Silence can therefore be considered a relational place in which we are

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Linus and Emelie

Linus and Emelie are two professional musicians and sound healing practitioners fromSweden.Emelie has been studying classical percussion and chamber music at Örebrouniversity in Sweden and

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Circle – Nayeli Špela

A circle is a place where our dance continues and we witness each other through another chanell.  We still improvise and we also allow ourselves

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Beginner’s Mind – Lior Ophir

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few” Shunryu Suzuki Towards the upcoming autumn contact silence retreat I

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Who moves who? – Roberto Bellatalla Between lines, points, spirals, an invisible thread holds bodies and ropes together, like the grass that grows in the interstices, new forms are generated,

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Polarità – Elisa Ghion

In this period I am particularly interested in observing how polarities interact with each other. Thepresence of one makes the presence of the other vivid.

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E=mc2 – Anna Da Pozzo

E = mc 2Did Einstein dance contact? Today at school I explained this wonderful scientific revolution condensed into a formula.When the time comes for this

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LEAF JAM – Angela Mara Florant

Finding pleasure in every movement.Connecting with the season.Harvesting thoughts,Inspirations.Moments of silence.Focused spaces where we dance.Moving from the insideTo the outside.I don’t know the next stepI

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ECHOES – Marta Iucci

« Once a Zen Master asked a disciple: ‘Have you seen the snow leopard?”No’, replied the disciple.’Isn’t it wonderful?’ The Master asked him.from «Silence is

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Tomo Haru


Here is Tomokombu at work, he will accompany us in the evening jams of the first round of the retreat. We remind you that the

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6 – 10  April 2023

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Udine

31 Agosto – 4 Settembre 2023

Monterosi, Anghiari, Arezzo

29 October – 2 November 2023

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Udine


CONTACT SILENCE retreats is a social promotion project of LIBERA MENTE APS association

We firmly believe that contact improvisation holds great potential on a social and communicative level and carries within it an unequivocal educational message. In addition to being the vanguard of the natural and authentic movement, it teaches respect for one’s body and the other, nourishing the fundamental need of the human being to physical contact, gives joy and well-being to those who practice it, reconnects man to his creativity and the primordial dimension of the game.