3 – 7 January 2024

Partecipants: Max 35

Gaia Terra, Udine, Italy

This retreat is designed for people with experience in contact improvisation who are familiar with the dynamics of the jam, and for those who wish to discover how silence and meditation can enrich and deepen their experience of dance.

Silence, The Contact Improvisation Jam, Meditation, the Talking Circle
The retreat is quite demanding as it has a tight schedule with the aim of facilitating the participant who has the desire to immerse himself in the practice and wishes to experience the relationship and knowledge of the other mainly through movement, body and meditation. Keeping silence helps us to remain steadfast on this intention and to protect our sensitivity which opens up day after day.
This time the guidance of the Retreat is entirely entrusted to Corpoetica, the group that since 5 years is leading the CI scene in Milan, teaching and organizing jams, classes, workshops, also in the field of contemporary dance and somatic pratices.
Corpoetica was born in 2018 in Milan thanks to a group of CI dancers who decided to commit to keeping the community alive and spread the practice.
Our body speaks to us continuously, learning to listen to it and understand its language is the key to dialogue with it, live it at its best and interact with other bodies.
By integrating the study and knowledge derived from multiple disciplines we enrich our baggage and nourish ourselves with an experience of movement as varied as possible, responding adequately to the changing needs of our body, including those expressive. We therefore believe in a dimension that encourages the encounter of more art forms and disciplines, and in the synergy of the dynamics through which our body expresses, perceives and developes itself. We own our body. Let’s explore it, meet it, educate ourselves to feel it.
Silence and Void: the Quiet
Emptiness, darkness and silence are places not always easy to inhabit, which may seem hostile and
dismissive to a first approach. What’s your relationship with them?
Maybe they create a sense of disorientation.
What if being disoriented is just the first step to expanding your ability to orient yourself? In these
days we will share practices to learn to know and accept the void and the disorientation that can
Emptiness of speech, movement and – perhaps – immediately understandable meaning.
We’ll work on the breath as a known place to return to, but also as a tool to build your own way.
We’ll open ourselves to the exploration of the dark working with closed eyes.
We’ll dive into the fall to understand how to cross it with pleasure and taste.
We’ll fall in our every step, in our structure and in that of the partner.
We’ll fall into the void.
We’ll try to do this without alerting the body, and finally fall into quietness.
We’ll ask meditation and silence to teach us to live in the void without fear and without the need
to fill everything, immediately.
We will try to serve our dances with these teachings, nurturing centering and listening.



08.15 / 09.00 Meditation

10.00 / 10.30 Silent Circle

10.30 Silent Jam

15.00 / 16.00 Talking Circle

16.00 / 19.00 Intensive

21.00 Silent Circle

21.30 Jam


 00.00 – 24.00 Silence in the platform

1st. 2nd. 3rd day 21.00 – 13.00 Silence in all areas of the retreat

4th day 00.00 – 24.00 Silence in all areas of the retreat


09.00 / 10.00 Breakfast

13.00 / 14.30 Lunch

19.30 / 21.00 Dinner


Retreat Focalizers - Corpoetica team

Elisa Ghion

‘Wild chestnut’ escaped young from deep Milan province, always chooses unconventional training paths. She studies languages, but soon realizes that she prefers her job as a clown doctor in the hospital. She studied artistic gymnastics, played baseball, became curious with juggling and became a great dancer. In 2005 she found Contact Improvisation under a tree. She studied with many trainers in Italy and abroad, integrating Contact Improvisation with somatic practices, parkour, walking in the mountains and any other practice that trains the Body in all its aspects: physical, perceptive, imaginative, emotional, collective. She considers improvisation a precious tool for artistic creation as well as for life: improvisation cultivates fundamental resources to be rooted and ready to live a society increasingly unstable and unpredictable, fragile. In 2015 he founded the duo "In remoto", project that intersects dance and architecture and the concept of living. He collaborates with Takla Association for the production of research meetings of multidisciplinary radical improvisation. She collaborates with theatre schools and teaches at many international CI festivals (Israel, Romania, Freiburg, Italy, USA). In 2017, she’s been part of the team that organizes ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teacher Exchange) in Italy. In 2018 she founded the CorPoetica association. Since 2020 she teaches contact improvisation at Artemente, center of Alta Formazione for dance in Milan.

Edoardo Sgambato

He begins to dance intrigued by movement as a tool to develop the awareness of his body; dance immediately becomes one of the most important elements in the search for himself. Entering the world of improvisation, he discovers the power of listening and the relationship, which he considers, in all their forms, the issues that most interest him and enrich him. These, together with the tools to cultivate the perception of being present, are the elements on which his research focuses. In the study of movement he seeks an organicity that also arises from the experiential/anatomical exploration of the body and that is linked to its well-being and pleasure. His exploration is aimed at finding a state/ space of active availability through which the body stops acting and begins to re-act responding to internal and external stimuli.

Fabio Rotondo

Fabio was born in Milan in 1992, he graduated in Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities at the University of Pavia and trained in Osteopathy, a discipline that, besides being manual therapy is for him a philosophy, a science and an art. Thanks to these two training paths, he put into practice the innate desire to find a path that has to do with the body and movement, as fundamental aspects of human culture and main tools for well-being, prevention and treatment of psycho-physical health. In September 2018 he began a training course in Berlin focused on the study of Contact Improvisation and founded the CorPoetica association in Milan. He currently works as Movement Coach for Moveinside.it, the first online movement school in Italy, pursuing an approach based on conditioning and prevention through free body training, with a focus on maintaining health and improving performance.

Anna Bertolotti

Born in Tuscany, she studied first languages, then painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture. Since 1998 she has been living in Milan, where she attended the degree course in Set & Costume Design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, also deepening his study of stage action, through theatrical acting, and photography. Her love for Contact Improvisation began in 2018, and it was love at first sight. She found in it the joyful synthesis between the desire for movement with other bodies and the long experience of physical theater matured. For her, dance and theatre are forms of social resistance to the disintegration of human relations, to individualism, to solitude and for this reason she devotes herself passionately to the spread of their practice. Resist! Resist! Resist!


luigi mattiello

Luigi Mattiello

I am a Gestalt counselor trained at the Miriam Polster Institute in Florence and an integrated approach music therapist graduated from the Tuscan Center of Music Therapy. In the social and educational sphere I collaborate with school institutions and mental health centers in prevention and rehabilitation projects with specific Music Therapy resources. As part of the relationship of help, I work with groups of adults through the tools of Counseling, using a Gestalt approach and artistic mediation. I lead groups on the use of voice and song as a vehicle for transforming human potential, an integration path between Gestalt techniques, artistic mediation counseling, vocal music therapy and free singing. In the artistic and personal well-being field I work as a multi-instrumentalist in concert activities called sound rituals / world-music, a path that sees the realization of meditative concerts through evocative sounds from different countries of the world, combined with the ritualistic dimension of the human being that offers the listener the opportunity to create internal landscapes useful for inner growth and the development of his potential. I am an educational teacher at the biennial music therapy course in Florence. Trainer and populariser in the pedagogical and social field with teachers, helpers and parents.

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