14 – 18 April 2022

Partecipants: Max 35

Gaia Terra, Udine, Italy

This retreat is designed for people with experience in contact improvisation who are familiar with the dynamics of the jam, and for those who wish to discover how silence and meditation can enrich and deepen their experience of dance.

Silence, The Contact Improvisation Jam, Meditation, the Word Circle

The space of practice will always be silent, with just a few exceptions. While in the rest of the retreat space you can talk during the day. From the start of the evening jam we will keep silence in all areas until after breakfast. The Jam in all its forms will be the main exploration space.




08.15 / 09.00 Meditation

10.00 / 10.30 Silent Circle

10.30 Silent Jam

15.00 / 16.00 Word Circle

16.00 / 19.00 Workshop

21.00 Silent Circle

21.30 Jam



00.00 – 24.00 Silence in the platform

21.00 – 10.30 Silence in all areas of the retreat


09.00 / 10.00 Breakfast

13.00 / 14.30 Lunch

19.30 / 21.00 Dinner

Autumn Retreat Focalizers

Matan Levkovich

Matan Levkowich is a dancer, teacher and graphic designer. In 2015 he founded Movement Lab - a vehicle for movement education, choreographic work and discursive inquiry. His practice is influenced by his enthusiasm for physical and theoretical research and is revolving around the question of how to develop a meaningful relationship with the body-mind. In the last decade, he devoted himself to educate people from all over the globe about better movement and to reflect upon urgent social phenomena through the medium of performance and recently also through his podcast ‘Material for the brain’. His passion for research and discovery drives him daily to expand his understanding and to further develop himself as a human being. https://movementlab.eu/

Defne Erdur

Defne Erdur (TR/FR) is trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (MA), Intermodel Expressive Art Therapy, Body Therapies (Deep Tissue Release, Trigger Point & Movement, Integrative Craniosacral Therapy), Meditation, and Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing). She is the co-founder and editor of idocde.net. In 2016 she completed her PhD thesis in Turkey (DANCE EDUCATION ON THE TRANSITIVE LINE BETWEEN LIFE AND ART: Contributions of the Technique, Methodology and Pedagogy of Contact Improvisation to the Physical, Artistic and Psycho-social Development of Amateur Dancers). In 2017 she co-published mindthedance.com: A Guide/Movement to Document Contemporary Dance/ Movement Teaching, as an outcome of the REFLEX Europe Project. Besides her private practice, she has been regularly teaching at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival, MSGSU Istanbul State Conservatory, CI-Turkey, ElimSende and ÇATI Associations. She also gives her workshops (Hunting Gathering Cultivating, Every Body Knows, Mind the Body, and Embodying Time) around the world (Tanzhaus Zurich, Konservatorium Wien, Mandala İstanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Berlin and Freiburg CI Festivals…), working with different populations (professional and amateur movers, therapists, women, and migrant children and youth). Her movement teaching practice is mostly informed by her intensive trainings with Simone Forti, Julyen Hamilton, John Britton, Nancy Stark Smith, Daniel Lepkoff, Kirstie Simson, Nita Little, Frey Faust, Keith Hennessy, Aydın Teker, Marcia Plevin and Julia Buckroyd. Today, she continues her quest within Body Mind Centering, Axis Syllabus and Integral Somatic Psychology studies.



Tomo Haru

Tomo Haru

Plastic artist and multi-instrumentalist musician, born in Japan in 1981 and raised in Spain, he currently lives between Italy, Spain and Brazil, where he performs his musical projects. In recent years he has also approached the culture and classical music of India. He has always been linked to the world of circus and dance, composing music for different shows. Saxophonist and flutist with musical groups from Madrid and Italy. A fusion of ethnic music that combines the sounds of instruments such as Handpan, Saxophone, overtone singin, didjeridoo, flutes, drums, traveling between nu jazz, classical, trance. Create evocative music, with meditative atmospheres and melodies that transport you to a dreamlike and intimate world.

How to get there

By train

Nearest airports: Trieste, Venezia

By Car


By train

Nearest Train station: LATISANA

then you’ll get a bus to FLAMBRUZZO

By bus

Linea 515
LATISANA – FLAMBRUZZO  ore 13:40 – 14.10


Prices and registration procedures

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