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anna bertolotti

Anna Bertolotti

Born in Tuscany and Milan-based, Anna is a set and costume designer, a profession she has practiced for 15 years, cultivating many different artistic interests, first of all the theater acting. She landed on Contact Improvisation three years ago and it was love at first sight. Recently she became a managing member of Corpoetica, an association that spreads CI and dance in Milan.


Anthony Trahair

Anthony Trahair, is a versatile artist who loves and practices Yoga, Taiji and Juggling with passion since the nineties. Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham and in Physical Theater at the Teatro Dimitri Academy in Switzerland, he is the author of the book Pearls of Juggling. He is a great lover of playfulness that he considers a wonderful tool to touch the heart of life and for this reason he created the 3 day Playfulness Festival GIOCOSAMENTE. He began studying contact improvisation with Alma Falkenberg in Rome in 2001. And he met his wife, director Sara Pozzoli, thanks to contact improvisation. Anthony loves nature, his vegetable garden and climbing trees!

Alessandro Papalini

His journey through travel, contact improvisation, spirituality and social work has started twenty years ago, leading to a sudden meaning in his life. Professional educator and pedagogist, with a three-year degree (thesis in social psychology: contact, creativity and freedom) and a master’s degree (thesis in social psychology: Jung. Synchronicity) obtained at the University of Siena. Yoga and meditation teacher, trained at FIY. Fascinated in the early years of his journey by Kashmir Shivaism, by the subtle touch, space and spanda he then landed on secular Ancient Buddhism, through which he’s learning to be kind to himself and to others … with modest results! After a varied path in social work, he founded Libera Mente APS association, for which he is coordinator of hospitality projects for refugees and convicted minors and the Contact Silence Retreats project. He is father of Litò, a wonderful 5 years old child, a gift he received from love and contact improvisation. He promised her that he will never stop dancing.

22 June – 1 July 2021

Monterosi, Arezzo, Tuscany

31 August – 9 September 2021

Monterosi, Arezzo, Tuscany

29 October – 2 November 2021

Gaia Terra, Flambruzzo, Friuli




CONTACT SILENCE retreats is a social promotion project of LIBERA MENTE APS association

We firmly believe that contact improvisation holds great potential on a social and communicative level and carries within it an unequivocal educational message. In addition to being the vanguard of the natural and authentic movement, it teaches respect for one’s body and the other, nourishing the fundamental need of the human being to physical contact, gives joy and well-being to those who practice it, reconnects man to his creativity and the primordial dimension of the game.