Just dancing – Steve Batts

I understand Contact Improvisation to be, in a very simple way, just dancing.  I don’t really separate it from the rest of my dancing.  My own “definition” of Contact Improvisation is: “The exploration of the limits and possibilities of moving with poetic intent, but without a plan, in close proximity with other people, and the […]

When I wake up I need you – Nathaniel Damon

When I wake I’m wanting youWhen I wake I’m needing youWhen I wake I’m so lonelyWanting youWhen I wake I’m wanting youWhen I wake I’m needing you soWhen I’m fallingI am falling into your armsWhen I wake I’m needing youI’m loving youI’m falling into your armsWhen I wake I’m in your loveI’m in your loveI’m […]

The state of improvisation – Angela-Mara Florant

Silence and the state of contemplative dance are keys for diving into deep improvisation. Using these methods helps our movements to truly be rooted in the present moment. The softness and flexibility of this state of mind opens the tissues of our bodies and we become more flexible and yielding. The softening of the body […]

Il corpo nel silenzio – Michele Marchesani

A body that recognizes silence is not just any being, it moves knowing that it is violating a space. It decides to break what surrounds it with the certainty that it will always be given consent, availability. The skin is the first to feel it. Always attentive to the border, it divides what is inside […]

Beginner’s Mind – Lior Ophir

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few” Shunryu Suzuki Towards the upcoming autumn contact silence retreat I was asked again to write a short text. Reading what I had written towards what was my first contact silence retreat in Gaia Terra last January, and reflecting towards the […]

All you find is you – Nina Radovanovic

Once a friend told me “You are so weird, you either go to those strange festivals whereeverybody touches everybody (referring of course to CI events) or you go to those foreigntemples where you have to keep quiet the whole day (referring to my Vipassana retreats)”.I was so happy to find out that I can combine […]

Who moves who? – Roberto Bellatalla

https://www.contactsilence.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Gana-Bellatalla-Duo-VICINO-LONTANO-2022-II.mp4 Between lines, points, spirals, an invisible thread holds bodies and ropes together, like the grass that grows in the interstices, new forms are generated, perfect in their unpredictability, surprising at every deviation, true propulsion, with agreement and disagreement.You listen out of the corner of your eye, the eye on a shoulder blade, on the […]

Words no words – Alessandro Rivellino

I was challenged to write through the subject of silence. It is, to start with, a challenge made by itself. Paradox of words and no-words. But well, read carefully: silence can have nothing to do with absence of sounds. Is just that the sounds-words generally activate some specific parts of us. Sounds are present inside […]

Polarità – Elisa Ghion

In this period I am particularly interested in observing how polarities interact with each other. Thepresence of one makes the presence of the other vivid. Their relationship creates movement.Fast/slow, Close/far, high/low, private/public.I evaluate the two extremes, I observe the spectrum that exists between them, I consider it a field in whichto move, but before that, […]

Silent Thoughts – Britta Schoenbrum

Silence .moving into silence – spaces – sitting lying being – be the beginner mind : open curious – listeningobserving not knowing – no judgment – acknowledging what’s present – NOW – what´s there ? bethe question in silence – focus – again listening to the silence – connecting to ones inner space –hearing ones […]