Whispers of Air: A Dance in Earth’s Embrace – Nina Radovanovic

Whispers of Air: A Dance in Earth’s Embrace  In the stillness of movement, a delicate choreography unfolds—a dance woven between breath and touch. Here, we surrender to the rhythm of our breath. Each inhalation becomes a gentle ascent, a whisper lifting us into unseen currents of possibility. In the exhale, solace is found, sinking gracefully […]

Dancing from a place of stillness- Priscilla Pizziol

Dancing from a place of stillness   from here,  still breathing  still changing  still decomposing      from here,  still  and still from here.    offering my form to the geometric thought of light, allowing my volumes to embody echos of matter,   I unthread    tracing soft signs through the air, sowing breaths, gathering […]

Living the void – Elisa Ghion

Verbal exchange shapes our dialogical relationship, giving shape to the silences that intersperse words. Silence can therefore be considered a relational place in which we are in the absence of clear references and shared meaning. For this, for many people being silent is difficult and creates a sense of disorientation from which they try to get […]

The vital forces of silence and dance – Fabio Rotondo

“Black. Silence. Dark and quiet, the absence of everything, of lights and sounds. The fascination of emptiness, of nothingness in which one can get lost, regenerate and transform.”  I like to look at silence as a sacred place, which favors inner listening and the perception of self; a place in which to cultivate a practice […]

Active boredom – Catalin Diaconu

Getting bored with my movement patterns… getting bored with “I lift you, you lift me” CI dances… getting bored with this phrase… getting bored with getting bored… Jokes aside, which I for sure love, I think patterns are great (when I’m not their prisoner), lifts are great (when they make sense), and boredom… if I […]

Enough space to arrive and enough silence to hear – Nayeli Špela

As autumn has arrived, also stillness is becoming very present in my movement practice.  In the last years, It has become more and more clear to me that stillness doesn’t necessarily mean no external movement. Many times, as paradoxes work, it is quite the opposite.  I see stillness as a time-space dimension of presence. In […]

Trusting the silence – Leonardo Lambruschini

“Animals and trees teach how not to know, how to tolerate being in the world without the obsession to understand. They know how to surrender, they know and teach a primary and radical trust” – Chandra CandianiDuring the intensive we will give space to silence to bring stillness into the movement and broaden the perception […]

Linus and Emelie

Linus and Emelie are two professional musicians and sound healing practitioners fromSweden.Emelie has been studying classical percussion and chamber music at Örebrouniversity in Sweden and is now freelancing with different artist and projects.Linus has been studying drums since childhood but changed his course five years ago to become fully dedicated to bansuri and Indian classical […]

Circle – Nayeli Špela

A circle is a place where our dance continues and we witness each other through another chanell.  We still improvise and we also allow ourselves to reach and be reached with what is present and alive in us, around us, within us, outside of us. If we allow our bones to speak,… what would they […]